Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Books in the Day of Mercury

Today I will break my self proclamed rule and I will post more than one book. And that's because tomorrow I am leaving the country for the rest of the week and I'll be back next Day of the Moon.
So today, you will "feast" on 4 books (1 for today, 1 for the Day of Venus and 2 for the Day of the Sun.
Let's start then. The book for The Day of Mercury is Cults of the Shadow by Kenneth Grant. (a very good scan of this book).
The book for The Day of Venus is Nightside of Eden by the same Kenneth Grant.
The first book for The Day of the Sun is a very good edition of The Book of Abramelin.
The second book for The Day of the Sun is Hidden Lore by Kenneth Grant.
It seems that this week was a Kenneth Grant week. There will be from time to time the same kind of weeks, dedicated to a certain author.
I will post the next book on 7th of July, the Day of The Moon.

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